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What if you could deepen your trust and intuitive abilities? Imagine showing up more confidently being visible for your business?

How would that change your life?

Imagine feeling confident to show up in your fullest expression.

Being yourself, speaking your message loud and clearly.....

Choose Your Own Adventure

1:1 Life and/or Business Coaching

I can put my eyes in and on your business in an intimate way as we build your offer suite, get crystal clear on your message with my magical copywriting skills, and create your content, Ideal Client and so much MORE! That's JUST business.

I offer coaching to help you move through the shadows of what is holding you back in 1:1 Shadow Coaching with me as your guide.


Copy Coaching container coming soon!

Attune with Somatics

Create Videos that Convert

Done for You Copywriting

Book a call and we'll discuss the details of your project to see how we can elevate you and your brand.

I can't wait to meet you!

Andrea Arledge, Intuitive Success Coach

Founder of Practical Magical Business ©

Frequently asked questions

How do I schedule an appointment?

Please use my Book Now button to schedule the appointment. You can also contact me through the Contact page and send me your questions. I'll get back to you!

How long does it take for a Numerology Reading?

Numerology readings are scheduled one week out so that I have time to prepare your report and reading so that it's ON POINT for you.

What does working with me look like?

I require a 3 month commitment for your life and business coaching.

I also offer 4 session packages by request too for VIP business strategy and energetic support.

How do we meet?

We meet over Zoom, and when you schedule your appointments, you'll automatically be sent a Zoom link for our time together.

Where can I find you on Social Media?

I love to hang out on TikTok, and you can join my private Facebook group, The Mystic Success Community here.

Where can I listen to your Podcast?

Mystic Success Podcast can be found on all podcasting sites, but I'll make it easy for you. Click here, and thank you for listening! xoxo Andrea

How do I hire you as my copywriting coach?

Book a resonance call here and we'll talk about your vision and how I can help you elevate your brand voice, create conversion based copy, and start sharing your wisdom!

I do not treat, nor prescribe.

As a trauma informed coach, I care deeply about you getting the proper support. It's the nurse and healer in me, so know that I do refer out if you are in active trauma and need more support. xoxo Andrea

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Andrea Arledge


Telephone: +1(262)261-1118

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