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One-on-One Spiritual Life Coaching

Work with me 1:1 if you are ready to explore your Spirituality, your purpose and to ground into creating your vision and mission together? I'm here as your Soul Nurse to help you tend to the most important relationship their is- the one with yourself.


Numerology Soul Purpose Blueprint

Discovering Numerology after having my own reading was life-changing, and after studying and becoming an Advanced Numerologist, I use it daily, for myself and for my clients! Discover your abilities and purpose with a soul purpose blueprint reading.


Waitlist for HealHer

Are you ready to Heal and BE the Healer?

Collapse old limited thinking and move past triggers so that you step fully into your own self-sovereignty.

Stop the old self sabotage and open your mind to the infinite wisdom that lives within you.

This is a journey into the mind and heart.

Aligning with your vision.

Freedom to be you before the world told you who you should be.

Hop on the waitlist!

Coming in Fall 2021


Buy Your Supplements from my Fullscript Site

As a 16 year RN and Certified Holistic Nutritionist, I'm always going to advise you to take care of yourself. Whether we're working on your emotions or your business, YOU come first. You can't give from an empty cup, sister! Purchase your therapeutic grade supplements from my online Fullscript site.


Purchase your 2021-2022 Numerology Calendar

Do you want to live more rhythmically and by the Numerological daily energy? Looking at daily numerology has helped me navigate my emotions. I tune into the daily energy, and choose how I want to feel because I know what the daily energy holds for me and the Universe. I choose the empowered version of me!


Attune to YOU

Join the waitlist for the next cohort of Attune.

  • Earth-Based practices Spiritual practice.
  • Attune to your own energy before learning energy work for a more potent practice.
  • Be more focused and centered so that you are the calm in your own chaos.
  • Learn energy anatomy

Love notes from clients

Andrea has been the most empathetic space holder I've ever had the chance to work with. She is a soul nurse on so many levels. I've become a more conscious, healed person with her by my side.

Mary B., Oregon, US

Working with Andrea changed my life! I became so grounded and in tune with myself and my own personal power. I even got the best work review ever and a pay raise! My employer even stated how I lead by example, and I see and feel my confidence now.

Tracie E., SC

My life will never be the same because of my work with Andrea. She has not only taught me energy work, but is now helping me build my business. I feel more confident and more myself than ever before!

Debbie C., OH

Trauma Informed.

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I refer to licensed professionals when needed.

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