You're a whole vibe,

So let's turn your wisdom into wealth using YOUR words!

The WRITE copy always wins!

Want to receive the kind of support that helps you through your next evolve in business and or life?

Work on your Nervous System while I work on your business.

Your Business and Words are Sacred Expressions of YOU!

The WRITE energy & Words to

➳ Cultivate your next evolution words that elevate your brand while showcasing ALL of your wisdom.

➳ Create your business strategy & content pillars so your message is clear, strategic and calls in your dream clients, not the ones who aren't ready for you.

➳ Review your Numerology in life and business to understand the influences at work, your coded clients, and even your messaging.

Run, don't walk to grab my signature course ATTUNED

to help you connect with your body's wisdom and power whiles you also tame your nervous system.

I create Win. Win. Win's for you....

so you take the leap of faith into your highest version of you, resting into our collaboration for copywriting and shadow coaching.

I get to share with you what I've alchemized over my 12 years as an energy practitioner, yoga teacher, holistic nutritionist and life coach.

My clients call me theirBusiness & Soul Nurse.

Take care of your nervous system,

feel grounded and connected to your higher self with....

ATTUNED is a spiritually minded practice so you FEEL your own healing energy in your energetic system, and YOU move dense energy out of your body with intention.

You're grounded, so you can hear your next best steps.

And you can listen to your Higher Self.

You are your own best medicine!

You just need to do some sacred listening.


Deepen the relationship with yourself so you

own ALL of your MAGIC.

Let's Create Your Business in Your REAL VOICE.....alchemizing your words and wisdom to display so you call in IDEAL CLIENTS.


I’m a heart-led guide for medical professionals, healers, and coaches who are ready to step more fully into radical self-acceptance and responsibility for their lives and/or businesses.

Deepen the relationship with yourself, Own all of your magic.

If you are ready to have radical self-acceptance and responsibility for your life and/or business you are in the right place. I know that leader word intimidates you, AND you know you are here to lead. Self-leadership is first on the agenda as you move through the shadow aspects of people pleasing, self-sabotage, and drama that keeps you held back. I've learned from my own hard-earned lessons! Don't do as I did.

Body, Mind & Business

Take care of your energy so you can take care of your business.

It's so easy to live neck up, fun even!


Not being focused and grounded leaves you disassociated from your body and unproductive.

It's nice to vision, but we can't stay in that space forever and create a sustainable business that actually supports us financially.

Your energy introduces you before you show up, so your clients need to know you're present.

As you integrate somatically releasing your own dense energy, you will become a better space holder.

Better space holders and teachers are those who practice what they preach!

This is a journey for you and your clients to benefit from.

Add this magical practice and even more surprise holistic healing tools for better client outcomes, and go through an inner transformation too!

I'll say it forever...I love win, win, wins!

Let's get to know each other!

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