Hey Sister! I'm Andrea,

Your Intuitive Success Coach and guide for your sacred journey within.

So as a healer all of my adult life, I am so committed to this work. I consciously left my 16 year nursing career to #dohealthcaredifferently in 2014, and I’ve never looked back.

However, my shadow side held me back for so long in my relationships, my confidence, and my business.

Your Subconscious Mindset Matters.

I’ve been an energy worker since 2010 and that did help me get to where I am today, especially in my body, but I knew there was deeper healing I needed in my mind for the true internal shift that helped me step more fully into leadership in real life. I was a nursing supervisor for years and knew how to lead there, but I allowed my storyteller to get away with me when I started my business. For many years, I was lost in a story that chronic illness was holding me back, but you know what? There was no evidence for that! That was just a story.

And our storytellers are sneaky little bitches! Just sayin'.

In my 8 years as an entrepreneur, I’ve studied countless healing modalities and lineages as I completed too many certifications to name, and I'm totally obsessed with mystery schools, lineages, and all things spiritual except toxic positivity! That's why I'm so committed to shadow work for true healing. Your shadow will hold you back in life and business if you allow it to.

Come get to know yourself more deeply with me, and if you're an online entrepreneur, let's get your business working FOR you.

I always recommend starting our journey together with a Numerology Soul Purpose Blueprint, no matter if you're a life coach client, learning energy medicine with me or you're a business client. It will not only blow your mind, but you'll discover so much about yourself, your report alone will make you feel LIGHTER.